Henri Matisse-“Creativity takes courage.”

Current Portfolio:

“The Lion of Judah” 

I asked one of my sons what he wanted for his birthday and he said a lion painting. So I let him pick the pose, I love the one he picked. No one messes with The Lion of Judah!



This amazing animal is owned by a friend of mine. Isn’t he STUNNING! Pastel on velour.



I visited Central Florida Animal Reserve and photographed this AMAZING Siberian tiger on a lazy Saturday afternoon.  His expression was priceless, and begged me to paint him!


I love fishing and this is my favorite fish to catch, A Mahi Mahi. I just had to paint him.


I have always loved dolphins and had to paint a mother and calf. I named it Curious as it describes their personalities perfectly.

“Tundra Wolf”

I went to an art/photography workshop in Montana and we were painting an Arctic wolf during the workshop, so I had to practice on one before I attended. This beautiful boy turned out so majestic! 



“A Moment of Solace”

I was asked by a customer to paint a zebra for her.  She loved it! Zebras get eaten a lot so solace is a rare event.  

“A Grey Winter”

I painted a series of Christmas Cards. This was my favorite. I just LOVE Cardinals! 

“Eagle Eyes”

My good friend took this photo of a pelican watching the fisherman clean their catch. He was eagerly awaiting them to throw away the scraps! Pastels on velour.

“A Curious Look” 

I adore dolphins and I am sure I will paint a few more.


“Cheetah Eye”

I did a follow-along tutorial of this gorgeous animal. 

“Autumn Wolf”

I did another follow-along tutorial of this gorgeous wolf in autumn colors.

“Amber the Frenchie Princess”

 A commissioned painting of the true nature of French Bulldogs, they all think they are King or Queen of the house!


“Sweet Maybelline”

A commissioned painting of my cousin’s puppy who tragically passed away at only a year and a half old. She was dearly loved and will be greatly missed. 


“Yorkie Poo Sisters”

 A commissioned painting of two adorable sisters who don’t go anywhere without each other! 

“Tami the Giraffe”

A commissioned painting for a sweet family member who absolutely adores giraffes.  She is a member of the herd at Lion Country Safari in West Palm Beach

“A Mother’s Love”

On a recent whale watching trip I had the once in a lifetime experience to photograph a triple spy hop. When I saw the photo I knew I had to paint it! I have never seen such an amazing event! 

“RIP Wizard”

My daughter worked at Busch Wildlife Sanctuary in Jupiter, FL for a few years. Tragically one of their beloved panthers past away. I had to paint this magnificent creature in his favorite pose! 

“Andalusian Stallion”

I’ve owned many different breeds of horses, but Andalusians will always be my favorite.

“Golden Hour”

A commissioned piece for a children’s book cover. 


Watercolor portrait of our beautiful Lab, Winnie.

“One Sweet Honey”

Honey was our first English Lab that we bought in Texas in 2000. She loved our family for 13 years ½ years.  She was the perfect example of what a Lab is supposed to be, great mother, kind to everyone, and loved by all. 



“For Elsa”

Elsa was one of my puppies that I bred. As soon as she was born we knew she was a keeper! She is the dog by which I compare every dog, she is the perfect standard in every way.  

“Frig the Caracal”

A friend of mine owns this stunning cat. Pastels on Velour.